Bethesda - E3 Conference

Bethesda - E3 Conference

"We're almost ready for our close up." These are the words that fans are greeted with when visiting Bethesda's blog. It's official – the company will hold its first ever E3 press conference.


The conference will take place in Hollywood on June 14th 2015. The company has reserved a number of seats for the fans and will be releasing details on how to register for a spot in the coming months. Everyone else will be able to watch the conference live on Bethesda's Twitch channel.


While Bethesda hasn't revealed any information about what it's got in store for the fans, a few educated guesses can be made at this point.


Bethesda is likely to talk about The Elder Scrolls Online, BattleCry and the DOOM reboot. It wouldn't be surprising to see an announcement of a sequel to the award-winning Dishonored. However, the internet is aflutter with speculation that Bethesda might be readying the reveal of Fallout 4 for the conference. Seeing as how Fallout 3 released in 2008 and New Vegas made its debut five years ago, there might just be some credence to the rumors as an announcement of the next entry into the franchise seems long overdue.


Source: Bethesda Blog