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CODE_n Area - Hannover, CeBIT 2015

CeBIT is one of the world’s most important computer expos. This year more than 3,300 companies from 70 countries exhibited on a vast, 450,000 m² Hanover fairground.

Due to fierce competition from Mobile World Congress and Berlin IFA focusing on the gadget market, CeBIT returned to its roots - business. That became the very reason CeBIT is a must for startups. The startups focused on digitization, presenting their ideas to reconcile human coexistence with machines.


It was not surprising, as the main theme this year was d!conomy – the rapid process of economical and social digitalization. The Expo further covered Big Data analytics, Cloud Computing and Internet security. These keywords were also reflected in this year’s expositions in behalf of China’s sponsorship. Many square meters were occupied by various companies offering Database Management Systems (DBMS) and other solutions for data centers.


Chinese marks - ZTE

Chinese marks were noticeable from the first hall onwards


Booth of Shure Inc. – an American audio products corporation


Strolling the halls we noticed numerous compelling ideas, some of which are soon going to lead the global market. BlackBerry’s booth presented business solutions for data management. Their tablet with the newest security solutions is dedicated to politicians, officials and other professions considering privacy essential. It is a great example of the merging of technology, business and economy. Sadly, some of areas occupied by Asian companies comprised essentially identical products or solutions on adjacent stalls. Nevertheless, the event served European companies an unique opportunity to cooperate with Asian IT giants.


Startups - CeBIT

Startups - the lead theme of CeBIT


Business networking - CeBIT

Business networking - a look from the inside


Cyber-threats - CeBIT

Cyber-threats - one of this year’s lead themes


Server solutions - CeBIT

There was no shortage of server and storage solutions


Neither was there a lack of consumer market. Here prevailed everyday life improvements.  One of such examples was a virtual dressing room, scanning the body, allowing the user to try on clothes in a matter of seconds. The solution is in its infancy, but the next few years may see a response from chain stores and the average consumer.


fileee  - CeBIT

fileee - personal assistant for the automatic organisation of documents in one system


Magic Mirror  - CeBIT

Magic Mirror - the virtual dressing room


Conferences and expositions - CeBIT

Conferences and expositions


Fritz - CeBIT

Telecommunication solutions by Fritz


Rittal - CeBIT

Advertisement takes many forms


Chinese sector - CeBIT

Chinese sector


Similarly to the boom launched by the smartphones, VR glasses induce a race between numerous companies. The diverse possibilities of application of this technology, from pure entertainment to medicine, encourage creativity among developers. Virtual and augmented reality is now a greenfield for investors.


VR glasses  - CeBIT

VR glasses


Azerbaijan's pavilion - CeBIT

Azerbaijan's pavilion - an exhibition of the project of regional data centers


Following CeBIT’s theme, robots found their place in the halls. Ones of them waved their hands to us. Others painted portraits and solved Rubik’s cubes. The real show of their capabilities was prepared by the German foreman company - Kuka Robotics. On the big scene, a few of their robots cut scrupulous structures out of fragile styrofoam cubes. That small sample of their powers encouraged cooperation from the business sector.


Kuka Robotics - CeBIT

Kuka Robotics in T-Mobile hall


T-Mobile hall - CeBIT

T-Mobile hall


Microsoft exposition - CeBIT

Microsoft exposition


Microsoft - CeBIT

Microsoft's inner circle



CODE_n the - World of startups





Kuka Robotics in action - CeBIT

Kuka Robotics in action


CeBIT 2015 saw impressive stands of electric and hybrid cars. Tesla Motors, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW make us believe in their efforts towards creating cheap and innovative solutions.


Tesla Motors - CeBIT

Tesla Motors


Electric Vehicle Charging Station - CeBIT

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


Relaxation - CeBIT

A moment of relaxation...


Competition - CeBIT

...and competition


Despite its size, this year’s CeBIT didn’t enthrall the average visitor. As the expo was oriented towards business contacts among the exhibitors and promoting startups at CODE_n, the big companies saved presentations of their new products in favor of other global expositions. Still, CeBIT is a place where business meets innovations. The opportunity to participate in the establishment of business networks is a sufficient reason for visiting CeBIT each and every year.


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