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Acer has increased its monitor market share in Western Europe to reach the No. 1 position with 17.5% market share1 for retail sell-out in Q3 2015, according to CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution.

Within this market, the gaming monitor has emerged as a segment which exudes passion and creates excitement for its users, in which Acer is emerging as a shining star. 

For the gaming monitor market2 in Western Europe, CONTEXT sell-out data also showed that Acer has over 38% market share from January to September 2015, with leading shares ranging from 28% to 60% in key markets such as Germany, France, and the UK. Acer’s gaming monitor market dominance prevailed in the premium NVIDIA G-SYNC segment crediting a 60% sell-out market share for Q3 2015, with the XB280HK and XB270HU monitors as the key drivers behind the success. 

Acer has led the way with several industry firsts in monitor technology, demonstrating its rapid time-to-market capability. These include the Acer XB270HU that launched as the world’s first NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ enabled gaming monitor with an IPS display in January; and the Predator X34 as the world’s first curved monitor with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ for immersive gaming experience with minimal stutters and screen tears in April. 

Acer’s gaming monitor portfolio has also been widely commended by the media; recent media awards for the XB270HU include “Best Gaming Monitors 2015” by Tom’s Hardware that designated it as the best G-SYNC Gaming Monitor, “Best Gaming Monitor” by European Hardware Awards. The XB280HK was also named “Best 4k Monitor for Gaming” by PC Gamer. The Predator Z35 picked up the Japanese Good Design award, while the Predator X34 won the iF-organized Computex design and innovation award. 


1. Reported for market shares in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and UK. 
2. Gaming monitors using NVIDIA G-SYNC, AMD FreeSync, and NVIDIA 3D Vision technology


Source: Press release