3D Sound Headphones

The World’s First Smart 3D Sound Headphones. IMG Source: 3D Sound Labs

After having blown away audiophiles by presenting a completely new listening experience with the world’s first 3D sound headphoness during the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, 3D Sound Labs is about to strike again at the 2015 IFA in Berlin: 3D Sound One is now suitable for Windows PC and aims to conquer the gaming community with a sound immersion like never before!

The world’s first smart headphones with an unrivalled cinematic sound experience will take any gamer to new acoustic and theatrical hights. Open up your ears and listen:


For each announcement a new major event, this time Berlin is the place to be, to hear about and experience 3D Sound Labs’ head turning innovation: 3D Sound Labs has crafted an unparalleled, realistic sound experience, including, for the first time ever, real-time head tracking - now adapted to the world of video games - which will astonish players by the realism of the recreation of sound in space.  Forget complex 5.1 or 7.1 audio systems, just wear 3D Sound Labs headphones, get immersed in three-dimensional soundscapes and push the limits of your game.


So what is new?

3D Sound Labs have made the drivers of their platform compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating systems : Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The headphones require  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or a Bluetooth dongle for the motion sensors in order to capture all head movements. The drivers create a vitual 7.1 sound card which allows the user to benefit from a 3D sound  quality  using all the apps that generate multichannel audio (video games, films, etc.)

The search for a new sound quality is the ultimate quest that gathers film lovers and music fans alike but it is video game players who are the most expecting it. “We are not dealing with a limited  audience, millions of people can’t wait to have a “blown away” experience and be with their favorite heros and live the action with their avatars. Now 3D Sound One offers a new immersive sound experience that gives any gamer goosebumps” adds Dimitri Singer, Co-founder of 3D sound labs.


A Call  of Duty for the Gaming Community

Thanks to the 3D Sound Labs research and development team, living with the “Grand Theft Auto” or  in the “Call of Duty” atmosphere is possible. Xavier Bonjour, 3D Sound Labs co-founder says : “With the gaming industry, the immersive experience is the HolyGrail! With 3D Sound One, people are not just listening to the soundscapes of the game, they are in the middle of the scene, feeling all sounds of the action”.  Loving a sound is a one thing but visualising and localizing it is another. With the app and headphone, you will experience it on your PC, wether it runs with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.


A new place to be: Amazon Launchpad sells 3D Sound One

Even though 3D Sound Labs is a rather young company, the gobsmacking headphones have been selected by Amazon in order to allow more people to get thrilled by this technology. Now available on Amazon’s new platform for innovations, Amazon-Launchpad.


About 3D Sound Labs

Founded in January 2014 by entrepreneur Dimitri Singer, consumer electronics specialist Xavier Bonjour (Technicolor, LG, Philips) and Supelec research engineer Renaud Séguier, 3D Sound Labs aims to revolutionize the user audio experience.3D Sound Labs has succeeded in the technical challenge of virtualizing multiple sound sources in space in the same way as a multichannel movie soundtrack to give listeners a much more real experience. The headphones are fitted with head tracking sensors, a feature previously exclusive to audio professionals. These special sensors interpret even the smallest movement to recreate the 3-dimensional sound we hear in real life. 3D Sound Labs has developed an audio/video player integrated with an intuitive mobile application (3D Audio Player) capable of delivering an unprecedented sound experience. For more infos: www.3dsoundlabs.com


Source: Press Release