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Supercars have a new player - Arrinera Automotive

If you think you heard all about supercar companies, you're wrong. There is a new player in the supercar industry. We talked with Lukasz Tomkiewicz, the father of Arrinera Hussarya, about this enormous automotive venture, and asked him why Hussarya 33 will make your heart beat faster.


What inspired you to design a supercar?

LT: The idea of creating a supercar was born in connection with the great interest in automotive industry and craving to launch something new on the Polish market, to enrich it.


Do you think there's a place for you in the supercar market, considering its rather competitive nature?

LT: Arrinera will certainly find the proper market and will fit in a niche of exclusive, rare supercars. The car will be surely desired by numerous collectors. 


Arrinera Hussarya33-1

Arrinera Hussarya 33 Exterior


How do you plan on attracting potencial clients to your car? What are the advantages of choosing Hussarya 33 over its competitors? Is it the price? The quality of the car? Availability?

LT: People interested in purchasing the Arrinera have started to contact us. So far we have received more than 200 declarations to buy the car. The production series of the Hussarya 33 model will be limited, hence the car will be pretty rarely seen on the streets – persons longing to stand out from the crowd will appreciate this. Additionally, even the most demanding clients should appreciate the highest quality of manufacturing. Arrinera Hussarya will satisfy sophisticated tastes of followers of modern technologies and the best car performance. Naturally aspirated V8 engine, 8.2 litres powered by more than 800 horsepower will undoubtedly ensure unforgettable experiences, and active aerodynamics system will provide better car traction. 



Have you received outside feedback after the initial test drives?

LT: Yes, after the tests on the airlift in 2014 and presentation of the test car, which took place during the Poznan Motor Show 2015, the interest in the car has increased, both of clients and media.


Arrinera Hussarya 33 Poznan

Arrinera Hussarya 33 at Poznan Motor Show 2015


Which platform is the Hussarya based on?

LT: Hussarya constitutes an original design which does not follow any existing car. The car frame is made from high strength steel, and the body panels are made from carbon fibre.


What engine is in the Hussarya 33 and how much does the car weigh?

LT: V8, 8.2 litres engine with more than 800 horsepower and 900 Nm maximum input torque.

Car weighs 1400 kilograms. 


Arrinera Hussarya33-5

Arrinera Hussarya 33


Arrinera Hussarya is the first car ever designed with elements containing graphene. Can you tell us what are these elements?

LT: Arrinera will be the first car in the world in which graphene will be implemented in body panels and paint. 


Aside from the graphene, are there any other innovative solution incorporated into the car?

LT: When designing the Arrinera Lukasz Tomkiewicz and Pavlo Burkatskyy cooperated closely with an Associate Professor Janusz Piechna from the University of Technology, who was responsible for laboratory works on  the Arrinera  aerodynamics. During research the Arrinera shape was modified  in order to achieve, on the one hand, the best possible streamlined shape, and on the other hand, the highest possible vehicle stability. Thanks to the suggestion of Dr. Janusz Piechna Ph.D. D.Sc. the Arrinera gained one more element which distinguishes it: an aerodynamic brake; after reaching 120 kph, Arrinera spoiler deploys automatically generating additional pressure on the rear axis. An accelerometer analyzes overload  during braking and sends signals to the actuators that set panel at an angle of  maximum 55 degrees.  At 300 kph it shortens the braking distance up to tens of  metres.

After reaching 180 kph, mobile spoilers located in the front section accelerate the air flow under the supercar and generate additional downforce pressing the front of the car, which results in increased safety and stable driving . The project  concerning the aerodynamics research of Arrinera was much appreciated and received grants from the National Centre of Research and Development in amount of  EURO 640.000.

The Arrinera chassis frame was designed in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology and a well-known British car designer Lee Noble who over last three decades has produced more than 2000 cars based on  his own designs – including Ultima that was used as a test  mule for a model which was  to become the fastest production  car in the world – the McLaren F1. The team of Polish engineers from the faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering and the Faculty of  Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, conducted testing of the chassis frame in laboratory conditions. Thanks to them  Arrinera has gained  the chassis frame manufactured from an alloy of aircrafts steel combined with the structure of carbon fiber and Kevlar in the middle section. The frame was strengthened within the windshield, enabling increased protection in the event of a collision with significantly higher cars (e.g. SUV). A reinforced structure protecting passengers during a rollover was placed behind the seats. Additionally Arrinera was equipped with special aluminum and Kevlar areas absorbing impact energy.


Arrinera Hussarya33 - Air Break/Spoiler

Arrinera Hussarya 33 - air break/spoiler


What other companies and institutions have been involved with the Hussarya 33 project?


  • Auto Power Electronic
  • FLIR
  • Gameloft
  • Luc & Andre
  • Michelin
  • Nano Carbon
  • NC.Art
  • New Cut
  • Pace Products
  • Podlaska Wytwornia Struktur Kompozytowych
  • The Faculty of  Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
  • PPG Industries
  • Prosolutions
  • Semicon
  • SymKom


When do you plan on launching the road-legal edition of Hussarya and how much will it cost?

LT: The road version will be sold in late 2016 and will cost around EURO 500 000. 


Arrinera Hussarya33-7

Arrinera Hussarya 33


Have there been any pre-orders for the track-ready version yet?

LT: We have just announced the track-ready version, hence there hadn't been a possibility to submit an order for it until now.



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Lukasz Tomkiewicz

Lukasz Tomkiewicz

Lukasz Tomkiewicz is the president of Arrinera Automotive S.A. and the author of an idea of creating the Hussarya 33 supercar.