Dark Souls III screenshots

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It appears that even though From Software just recently released Bloodborne and the remastered version of Dark Souls II, the company is hard at work on the third installment in the Dark Souls franchise.

YouTube channel The Know released a video with details and screenshots of the title, claiming that it has been leaked to them. As always in such cases, it is best to take the information with a grain of salt. Now, with that out of the way, let's get down to the specifics.


According to the leak, Dark Souls III is planned for release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. A PC version is stated as being “negotiable.”


The game will support 1-4 players, although The Know aren't clear on whether this relates to the co-op or PvP side of the game. At the beginning of the game, players will be able to choose from among 10 character classes.


Players will face off against 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses. The Know notes that the number does not include characters and monsters returning from previous games. On the equipment side, we have a 100 new weapons and 40 new armor sets to deck our characters out with.


Dark Souls III is also rumored to feature 60 minutes of cutscenes, most of them in-engine rather than pre-rendered.


Supposedly, player will explore around 12 areas in the game, and the amount of content should be similar to that of the original Dark Souls.


Dark Souls III is said to change the way players interact with each other online. Instead of using the Soapstones and signs in order to be summoned to another world, player will now have to participate in a “sacrifice ceremony.” By dragging bodies around, players will be able to choose where to perform the ritual. Additionally, sacrifices will change the game in various ways. For instance, players will be able to create bonfires at the place of their choosing. However, this mechanic is a double-edged sword - by participating in those rituals, players are marked for invasion.


Dark Souls II is also rumored to introduce the “heat up” mechanic, which is said to “completely change boss battles based on undescribed factors.” To illustrate this, The Know shows a screenshot of a boss fight where players face either a knight or a giant nightmarish creature, and speculate that the mechanic might be tied to the number of sacrifice ceremonies performed by players.


Finally, Dark Souls II is said to feature so-called “sword fighting arts.” The Know believe them to be special moves that your character can equip. They describe two of them - “rush in” is a sacrificial move that allows you to dive into an enemy and take damage while delivering a powerful blow, while “circle” sound like a dodge move that allows you to “get away from an opponent when you are vulnerable after attacking.”


The final piece of information from the leak claims that the game will be officially revealed at E3. You can check out the video and screenshots below.




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Source: YouTube