Apple Store Sydney

Apple Store Sydney. Photograph: John Bragg (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The only thing that hinders people from buying an Apple product these days is probably the hefty price tag on them.

Those people who are willing to switch to iOS after having used an Android Smartphone or the dull featured Lumia feel that the price is just too high for a smartphone of its kind but little do they know about the inner secrets of Apple. Apple spends billions of dollars each year in the Research & Development (R&D) sector and all the innovations Apple comes out with simply get copied by competitors like Hewlett Packard and LG.


When talking about the notebook segment, the Macbooks cannot be called overpriced keeping in mind the smooth blend of Intel’s hardware and OS X, cutting edge looks and innovative features in every new model like the Force Touchpad in the Macbook Pro 2015 edition. Despite all the above arguments I'm forced to agree that the Apple Watch is inflated. The $10,000 price tag hasn’t gone down well with the Twitterati as well. Funny Or Die tweeted:


The $10,000 Apple Watch is the most technologically advanced way to let strangers know you're a dumbass who's bad with money."


Also keeping in mind the current product cycle, it is completely foolish to spend $10,000 on a product which is gonna be outdated within an year.


Even after all this buzz and mockery, Apple fans are going to follow the same pattern as always. First they cry over the heavy price tag, then they visit the store to just have a glimpse of the product and then they fall in love with it and bring it home along with them. This was my viewpoint on the pricing, tell us yours through the comments.