SFV Rashid Reveal

The tech-savvy Rashid joins the roster of street fighters. Photo Source: Capcom

Street Fighter V Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono revealed the newest inclusion to the roster of fighters – the Middle Eastern newcomer Rashid.


Revealed during the Games 15 event in Dubai, Rashid is said to be an easy going and laid back character who has a very keen interest in the newest technology and gadgets. Calling himself the “Turbulent Wind”, he incorporates parkour moves and the ability to harness the power of wind into his fighting style. Rashid's love for new technologies is reflected in his usage of gadgets to research and create fast-paced acrobatic moves.


Speaking to IGN Middle East,  Yoshinori Ono admitted that creating the look and feel of the character was a challenge at first since Capcom doesn't have have a large number of Middle Eastern employees. As such, they turned to Sony and their Middle Eastern distributor Pluto Games for help in delivering a fighter that everyone would be happy with. What's more, Capcom also announced that Street Fighter V will receive an Arabic localization of all in-game text.


Yoshinori Ono had this to say to IGN readers:


Thank you so much for your support for the Street Fighter series. It’s always been great for me to see all the events and fighting game community stuff that goes on in the Middle East and of course I’ve had lots of you invite me to come play with you over the years,” he says. “With Street Fighter 5, we’ve added this brand new character Rasheed who helms from the Middle East. I really hope you enjoy playing as him and try and make him the best Street Fighter character out there and of course the Street Fighter characters from other countries will be good competition for you.”


Street Fighter V releases in 2016 on the PS4 and PC. 




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  • 03_Special_1_1441981363
  • 04_Critical_Art_Start_1441981364
  • 05_Critical_Art_1441981365
  • 06_Wind_Stance_1441981366
  • 07_Special_2_1441981367
  • 08_Special_3_1441981367
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  • 10_V-Trigger_Activate_1441981370
  • 11_Special_5_1441981370
  • 12_Punch_1441981371
  • SFV_Character_Art_-_Rashid_1441981445


Source: Press Release / IGN Middle East