Rafa Camargo

Rafa Camargo at Google I/O. Source: YouTube

Announced last year, Project Ara promised the redefine smartphones by making them modular. Today, during the ATAP keynote at Google I/O, Google engineer Rafa Camargo presented a functioning Project Ara phone.


In an onstage demonstration, Camargo assembled the phone, turned it on, and then added a camera module by sliding it in its slot on the back. It's worth noting that Ara instantly recognized the camera module without needing to be rebooted first. To show that everything is working as intended, Camargo took a photo of the audience present at the keynote.



Unfortunately, outside of the live demo, the engineer didn't provide much more information on the status of the project. While Camargo didn't disclose a launch date for Ara, it is rumored that the smartphone will be made available to the public in Puerto Rico as part of a pilot test later this year.


Source: The Verge