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Mozilla has finally released the stable version of Firefox 39 after a three-day delay. The release does have a few features and bug fixes that are noteworthy.

The browser has been launched not only for Windows but also for Mac, Linux and Android. We hope that all the issues and stability problems have been fixed.


Firefox 39 is not a huge update, but we can find some features that have been refined. One of the most notable changes in the software is support for Hello URLs via social networks. Hello is a free messanger that can be used with other browsers which support WebRTC. The other function is known as Project Silk which aims to provide smoother scrolling and animation.


Moreover, ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) has been improved. The company added tons of new emoji, CSS Scrool Snap Points and SafeBrowsing detection for Linux and Mac OS X. Mozilla has got rid of obsolete and insecure SSLv3 support. After working on the Desktop version, the manufacturer pushed the Firefox for Android optimization forward.