April Xbox One update

April Update for Xbox One / IMG Source: YouTube.com

Microsoft remains true to its promise of releasing system updates for the Xbox One on a monthly basis. The April update doesn't deliver any new features, but improves on what's already there.


Xbox One owners will undoubtedly be happy that Microsoft is constantly working on improving the Party Chat experience. Over the span of the past few months, the company added additional icons and notifications to better communicate the connection and microphone status to the user. This month, the party chat app is being improved with troubleshooting guidance, which will help Xbox One owners enable their microphones and notify them when communication with other party members is being blocked by network issues or privacy settings.


Next, we have an update to the game hubs. First introduced in the February update, the hubs allow players to find news on upcoming updates, behind the scenes content and more. Following the April update, Xbox One owners will see activity feed items whenever any of their friends follow a game, and they will be able to easily get back to a game's hub from activity feed posts related to the game. Additionally, a link leading to a game's hub has been added to the achievement app.


The following improvements will be sure to please achievement hunters. With this update, achievement notifications are being expanded to include descriptions of achievements so players no longer have to open the achievement app to see how they unlocked them. Additionally, the time an achievement notification is displayed on screen has been increased. Loading the achievements app from a notification will be faster as well after this update.


Finally, What's On is exiting the preview program for Xbox One users in the US., Canada, and UK. The app will allow players to find links to popular videos, games, game broadcasts and clips, movies, TV shows, as well as Trending TV Shows.


Unfortunately, voice messaging and dedicated servers in party chat still remain in testing in the preview program as the team works on fine-tuning them.


To see the update in action, click on the video below.



Source: Xbox Wire