Youtube 60 fps live stream

1080p 60 fps live streaming options / IMG Source: YouTube

Last year YouTube introduced 60 fps video playback to the delight of many a gamer, and this Thursday the company decided to take it a step further by implementing 60 fps and Full HD options for live streaming.


However, there is a catch. As the feature is still in early preview, 60 fps streaming is limited to HTML5-compatible browsers for the time being. Playback on devices that do not support the standard will automatically be converted to 30 fps.


In addition to 60 fps live streaming, viewers will now be able to skip backward during a live stream and watch at 1.5x and 2x speed to quickly catch back up, thanks to YouTube adding HTML5 playback support.


Finally, in order to make it easier for publishers to deliver 60 fps streaming to YouTube, the company has teamed up with Elgato and XSplit to ensure that the new versions of Elgato Game Capture, XSplit Broadcaster, and XSplit Gamercaster support this feature.


Source: YouTube Creators