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Opera Software through Blazej Kazmierczak has announced the new Opera 32.0 Developer. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux operating systems.


The newest Opera edition brings a lot of features that can completely change browsing experience including a reshaped user interface, the ability to sync passwords across devices and animated themes. As far as passwords are concerned, Opera Software ensures that all of them are completely safe in the cloud which is encrypted via Nigori algorithm.


Opera 32.0 Developer incorporates a bunch of under-the-hood improvements such as drag and drop of folders and bookmarks in the side panel of the menu bookmarks or some fixes that make video playback smoother. All of those who would try the latest Opera have to be aware of the bugs and elements that need more optimization. Due to the instability it is not recommended to use the Opera 32.0 Dev in companies on a regular basis.


Full changelog

Source: blogs.opera.com