Hitman Showstopper walkthrough

Agent 47 is back in action. Photo Source: Square-Enix

Square-Enix and Io-Interactive released the walkthrough footage of the Showstopper level from the upcoming reboot of the Hitman series. 


In this 15 minute video, we're introduced to the different ways Agent 47 can approach his target. As with previous titles in the series, players can don different disguises that enable them to infiltrate off-limits areas, and manipulate the environment to set up traps or lure unsuspecting enemies to a more convenient location. Instinct mode, which highlights objects of interest in the environment, is also back, but the developers promise that it is truly optional this time. 


It's also worth noting the number of NPCs appearing in the video. The Showstopper mission is littered with them, and the developers claim that an entire level can be populated with over 300 NPCs active at the same time. This means that whatever the player does on one side of the level also has an impact on the NPCs on the other side.


The new Hitman is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 8. The game will launch with 7 missions, with new assassination targets, missions, and locations to be released at regular intervals throughout 2016.



Source: YouTube