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Top Windows Phone Apps of October 2015. IMG Source: Microsoft

This month we’re bringing you some exciting games - including Top Gear: Extreme parking, a wild ride through the Top Gear Test Track, a nightmare for any driving instructor!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect photo, 4Blend HDR will help you achieve this using Nokia Imaging HDK. For the little ones, Sago Mini Friends is a great way to keep children entertained, while teaching them the value of sharing, and for any trivia nuts out there – you’ll definitely want to check out the recently updated What in the Word? app!


There’ll be another fix of the best apps out there for Windows Phone next month, enjoy these in the meantime!


Desert Golfing (FREE): The stripped down, 8 Bit graphics of Desert Golfing offers a slice of retro joy on your phone. It’s just you, the ball and the hole in this devilishly addictive golfing sim. The simple play and 2D presentation in the desert landscape helps you keep you focus on the ball – key to making low scores and going far in the game, whatever course you’re on!


Top Gear: Extreme Parking (FREE): Top Gear inspires an awesome new game that challenges your driving skills and tests your nerves, too, all on the world-famous Top Gear Test Track. Rev up iconic cars from favourite episodes and show off on a precision driving obstacle course with touch-screen ease. The courses get tougher as you go, and the clock is always ticking as you attempt each challenge. Will you succeed spectacularly, or fail hilariously?


What in the Word? (FREE): The ever-popular pop-culture quiz app has been updated to add lots of new cards to be guessed – more than 270 cards to solve in all, with hundreds of celebrities, characters, logos and more to figure out. New achievements add replay-ability, Cortana integration means you can play just by speaking, and fewer ads lets the fun go on with less interruption while you’re on the move!


4Blend HDR (FREE): The first High Dynamic Range camera on Windows Phone using Nokia Imaging SDK. 4Blend HDR creates unique images by applying your choice of filters to the individual shots which make up the final image. Its innovative and award-winning multi-layer HDR algorithm can also be used for “basic” HDR” – creating better photos in difficult light conditions. A must for budding photographers to capture the perfect shot in all situations


Sago Mini Friends (FREE): The latest in the popular children’s games series, Sago Mini Friends makes platyime creative and fun for the whole family. Each playdate with your mini-friends brings silly surprises and reactions, and kids can make up stories to go with the action they see. Take a walk to a friend’s house, help Robin fix a birdhouse, play dress-up with Jinja the cat or enjoy a snack with Harvey the dog. With five friends and nearly a dozen activities kids can relate to, there’s a lot to explore!


Source: Press release / Microsoft