GTA series 220 million units shipped

This behemoth of a franchise shows no signs of slowing down.

The GTA series has sold-in over 220 million units worldwide to date, a new report by Take-Two reveals. 


A SEC Filings document issued by the company revealed that the Grand Theft Auto series has surpassed over 220 million units shipped worldwide. An extremely impressive number to be sure, bolstered by the phenomenal performance of GTAV, which shipped over 54 million copies. Grand Theft Auto V is also the fastest selling entertainment release in history,  managing to gross over $1 billion in retail sales worldwide just three days after its release in 2013. 


Other Take-Two franchises also exhibit impressive sales numbers. For example, Red Dead Redemption has sold-in over 14 million copies, while 2K's Borderlands 2 managed to ship over 13 million units, which made it the highest selling title in the franchise. Overall, the Borderlands franchise has sold over 26 million units to date.


With over 220 million copies shipped worldwide, the GTA series has become the 3rd best-selling gaming franchise of all time. The series is surpassed only by Nintendo's Mario and Pokemon franchises, which sit at 509 million and 297 million sales respectively.  


Source: Take-Two