Batman Arkham Knight trailer

Batman Arkham Knight launch trailer. IMG Source: YouTube

Tomorrow fans all over the world will take the Dark Knight on his final crusade against the united forces of Gotham's worst villains, but today Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios released the launch trailer for the epic conclusion to the Batman: Arkham series.

The trailer features the recently released song “Mercy” by Muse.


For the hero, the only true conclusion is death,” the words of Commissioner Jim Gordon not only set an ominous tone for the trailer, but are also a reminder that in Arkham Knight the Caped Crusader will face the greatest challenge of his crime fighting career. Faced with the threat of the mysterious Arkham Knight and the Rouges Gallery united under Scarecrow, the Dark Knight will have to rely on more than just his fists and hi-tech gadgets to triumph. Batman will have to use any means at his disposal, including the iconic Batmobile, as well as call on his most trusted allies to protect his beloved city from the biggest threat it has ever faced.


Batman: Arkham Knight is out tomorrow for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the launch trailer below.



Source: YouTube