Bloodborne PS4

Bloodborne PS4

Sony has released a new Bloodborne video where Producer Maasaki Yamagiwa discusses the multiplayer aspects and new features that fans can look forward to in the game.

When talking about the multiplayer aspect, Yamagiwa explains that fans of the Souls series will feel right at home with Bloodborne's mix of real time and asynchronous online interactions. He adds that they are also introducing new elements into the multiplayer experience, such as the Messenger creatures that allow players to share messages among themselves and the Chalice Dungeon, which will emphasize online interaction in a never before seen way.


The Chalice Dungeons are vast and dangerous areas located underneath the city of Yharnam that are generated procedurally akin to “roguelike” games. During the course of the game players will come in contact with various items that can be used in the game's central hub area to perform rituals that will create Chalice Dungeons. Depending on the combination of items used in the ritual, each new Dungeon will be unique. Players will then be able to invite other players to help them clear the instances they have created.


The difficulty and size of each dungeon will vary greatly, as will the selection of enemy and bosses that you encounter in them. Once a Chalice Dungeon boss is defeated, the player can choose to either save and replay the dungeon or perform the ritual again to generate a new instance just waiting to be explored.


Producer Maasaki Yamagiwa explains that the Dungeons have been introduced to increase the longevity of the game. As players start getting more familiar with the game and strategies to overcome the trials laid before them, the sense of fun starts slowly diminishing. The Chalice Dungeons are designed to combat that as every new instance created will offer the players new and exciting challenges to face.


Yamagiwa hopes that fans of the Soul series will find Bloodborne to be just if not more challenging and rewarding than their previous titles due to the brutal and deadly combat that awaits the players in the game.


Bloodborne, a game born from the collaboration of From Software and SCE Japan Studio, will arrive exclusively to the PlayStation 4 on the 25th of March. Souls fans in Europe that do not yet own a PlayStation 4 will be able to buy a Bloodborne PS4 bundle on launch day.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog