PlayStation 4 70-90% market share in Europe

PlayStation 4 holds share in Europe. Photograph: Marek Lubas

Sony's success with the PlayStation 4 is undeniable and nowhere is it more apparent than in continental Europe. Speaking to VG24/7, SCEE President Jim Ryan has revealed that the console enjoys no less than a 70% market share in all European countries.

What's more, Ryan added that in certain areas of continental Europe, PlayStation 4 holds over 90% of the market share.


We have a very significant market leadership. Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don’t think market-share’s any less than 70%, and frequently greater than 90% in continental Europe,” SCEE President explained.


This is very good news for the company, but not so much for gamers as Sony doesn't see a need for a price cut just yet. According to Ryan, the console's momentum is still considerable in Europe and that the company is happy with the current price and value proposition. He also adds that:


Consumers, equally and more importantly, appear to he happy with the price and the value proposition. We’ll leave it where it is for now.” 


At this point, with the PlayStation 4 showing no signs of losing its momentum in Europe, it remains to be seen whether Xbox One has a chance of carving out a more significant portion of the market share for itself. However, taking into account that most of Sony's key titles such as Uncharted 4 or The Last Guardian are slated for release in 2016 and Microsoft's strong lineup for this holiday season, Xbox One might still have a chance of evening the odds.


Source: VG24/7