Mad Max Savage Road

IMG Source: YouTube

Capitalizing on the success of the critically-acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios released a new trailer for the upcoming game based on the franchise.

While the first trailer focused mostly on showing the gameplay, "Savage Road" offers a deeper look at the story.


After falling into an ambush set by a ruthless wasteland warlord by the name of Scabrous Scrotus, Max is stripped of his prized car and left to die. To survive in the merciless wasteland, he has no choice but to ally himself with Chumbucket, an odd but talented mechanic. With the aid of his new companion, Max builds the Magnum Opus, a powerful new war machine, and sets us to reclaim that which has been stolen from him.


"Savage Road" takes a few cues from the trailers for Fury Road, and hopefully the game will turn out just as good as the movie. We'll find out on September 4th when Mad Max comes out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 



Source: YouTube