Argi raises over $1.9 Million

Argi raises over $1.9 Million

Blizzard reported today that thanks to the overwhelming generosity of World of Warcraft players, they've been able to raise more than 1.9 Million USD to support the Red Cross Ebola relief efforts in Africa.

Last December the company announced that all proceeds made from selling Argi, the cute intergalactic pet goat, during the month will be donated to the Red Cross to help fight the deadly disease.

Blizzard thanked its playerbase for readily embracing the little blue goat and helping a great cause in the process. Priced at 10 USD, Argi has been adopted by over 190,000 players.

This isn't the first time Blizzard released a charity pet to help a noble cause. In 2011, they introduced the Cenarion Hatchling in order to gather funds from the community to donate to the Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts by the American Red Cross.

For players who want to get their hands on this cute pet, Argi is still available for purchase from the shop.