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New Dying Light patch released

Techland promised to support their newest zombie survival game post-launch with both premium and free content and they're staying true to their word. With the newest patch released today, Dying Light receives a host of new content along with Hard mode.


Players who complained that Dying Light was too easy will be able to put this statement to the test in Hard mode. This challenging mode features a number of changes that will force even the game's most grizzled veterans to proceed with caution. First off, nights will last twice as long in Hard mode and the deadly Volatile enemies no longer appear on the minimap. Furthermore, enemies do more damage now and are also harder to kill. Melee combat has been revamped – players have to be much more precise in their strikes. Next, healing requires a more tactical approach as med kits do not heal instantly and health regenerates at a much slower pace. Finally, in an effort to add more realism to the game, Hard mode disables hints, time doesn't stop while browsing the inventory, and survivor sense has been scaled back to only highlight dropped weapons and Volatiles. What's more, Techland promises to expand the mode in the future to make it even more challenging.


This isn't the end of the list of changes that the patch brings to the table. Aside from gameplay tweaks and fixes, new content has also been added to Dying Light. Players will be able to don around 20 new outfits – including national themed attire and clothes unlocked for beating the game on Normal and Hard. The game's zombie killing arsenal has been expanded with new deadly weapons such as the Bonesplitter and Rune Hammer. Finally, the developer introduced a new tier of weapons. Gold tier weapons are not only incredibly powerful, but also extremely rare, so keep an eye out for them.


A video showcasing all the changes can be viewed below.

Source: YouTube.com