SFV- Nacalli joins the roster

Nacalli joins the roster of characters available in SF V. Source: Capcom

During the Street Fighter V panel at EVO 2015, Capcom has shared some very interesting information regarding the newest entry into the storied franchise along with a trailer showcasing a brand new character making his debut in SF V.


Street Fighter V will launch with 16 characters, including 4 new ones. This may seem like a relatively small roster for a fighting game, however, Capcom will support the game by releasing more character post-launch. It's important to note here that all the post-launch content will be unlockable by simply playing the game. Players will be able to get access to the new content in two ways – either by amassing so-called Fight Money which is obtained by playing through the game, or by spending real money on a currency named Zenny to instantly gain access.


Another interesting tidbit that came out of the panel is that Capcom plans to make the initial Street Fighter V release the only disc you will ever need to own. For Street Fighter V, the company is doing away with the practice of releasing Super and Ultra versions of the game with additional content sometime down the road. Instead, Capcom is opting for a more service-based approach where all balance and system adjustments will be released for free, and as mentioned previously, all post-launch gameplay related content (characters, costumes, etc.) will be earnable for free by playing the game. 


Finally, Capcom revealed one of the four new characters – Nacalli. In combat, he uses a savage, animalistic fighting style to destroy his opponents. Nacalli has been designed with players who prefer a straightforward, hard-hitting character in mind. 

You can check out the reveal trailer and official screenshots below.




  • SFV_screens_01_Intro
  • SFV_screens_02_Overhead
  • SFV_screens_03_Kick
  • SFV_screens_04_Grab
  • SFV_screens_05_Critical_Art
  • SFV_screens_06_V-Skill
  • SFV_screens_07_V-Trigger
  • SFV_screens_08_Slash
  • SFV_screens_09_Stomp
  • SFV_screens_10_V-Trigger_Critical_Art
  • SFV_screens_11_V-Trigger_Critical_Art
  • SFV_screens_12_V-Trigger_Critical_Art


Source: PlayStation Blog / YouTube