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Batman: Arkham Knight delayed

Not a week ago, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady treated fans to a TV ad for their highly anticipated title. Today, more info surfaced on the internet. Unfortunately, not all of it is good.

Sefton Hill, Game Director for Batman: Arkham Knight, released a statement in which he announced that the game's release date has been pushed back from the 2nd of June to the 23rd.


This isn't the first time Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed. The game was supposed to originally come out in 2014, but was pushed back to 2015 to give Rocksteady more time to polish the experience. In light of the fact, a three week delay isn't too painful and hopefully this will be the last time the game gets delayed. To make up for pushing back Batman: Arkham Knight and reward fans for their patience and understanding, Rocksteady released a brand new video, which can be viewed below.