Laser shotgun

Drake Anthony constructs a laser shotgun

Drake Anthony, aka styropyro, is known for his love of lasers. On his YouTube channel, he shows off his crazy creations, such as this awesome homemade laser sword, but even that pales in comparison to his newest “toy” - a 40 watt laser shotgun.


Anthony's newest invention uses eight parallel 5W laser beams powered by a huge lithium battery pack. The YouTuber demonstartes the power of his newest “death ray” by using it to obliterate balloons, and set pin pong balls, wood and other items on fire in seconds.


Styropyro freely admits that there was no reason for him to build something so powerful, but since it wasn't illegal for him to do so, he decided to do it anyway.


You can watch Anthony setting things on fire with his new creation in the video below. He hopes to deliver something even crazier in the future.



Source: YouTube