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Facebook Moments out of Europe

Facebook Moments is the app that allows a group of users to share their photos that have been made during a meeting or a party. The software is able to recognize users' faces.

Additionally, the app takes into account the time of taking a photo allowing to generate a group of pictures from a single party.


This simple solution has met with a positive response among users from the US. However, due to privacy concerns it won't be available in Europe for a while.


As Richard Allan, Facebook's head of policy said:


Regulators have told us we have to offer an opt-in choice to people to do this. We don’t have an opt-in mechanism so it is turned off until we develop one.”


Following the EU policy it is illegal to publish the app with the face recognition turned on by default. At the moment there is no information if Facebook will rebuild Moments in order to meet EU policy.


Source: blogs.wsj.com