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Virgin Atlantic in partnership with Microsoft came up with a way to say a truly magical, sky-high thank you. IMG Source: Microsoft

Last week, passengers on two Virgin Atlantic flights participated in a unique Christmas-themed experience. In a world ‘first’ travellers aboard flights VS251 from Shanghai to London and VS41 from London to San Francisco participated in a live multiplayer experience to help Santa Claus in his quest to find his missing reindeer!


It all began with a live mid-flight Skype chat between passengers and Sir Richard Branson. However, that was swiftly interrupted by a special alert by Santa – his most trusted reindeer, Rudolph, had gone missing and needed the help of the Virgin Atlantic passengers and crew to help find him!


Festive magic meter 

Festive magic meter. Photo: Microsoft


To do this, passengers connected to each other via the onboard Wi-Fi and worked together to solve challenges and games to track down the reindeer in time for Christmas. Technology included extensive use of Skype chat and holograms generated on Microsoft Lumia 950s. The experience was hosted via the cloud on the Azure microsite at:


hologram VA, Lumia 950

Hologram generated on Microsoft Lumia 950. Photo: Microsoft

Thankfully, the passengers saved the day and Santa has a full contingent of reindeer to deliver Christmas presents the world over in a few days time. Phew! To get a glimpse of the whole experience, including the hero’s welcome passengers received on arrival, check out the video below: 



Source: Microsoft