Bethesda accepts fan's bottle caps in exchange for Fallout 4

Fan send over 2,000 bottle caps to Bethesda. Author: Matt Grandstaff

How many battle caps are required to secure a copy of Fallout 4? Apparently,  around 2,240 is enough as one fan discovered this week when Bethesda accepted his unique payment method.


When Fallout 4 was announced, GatorMacheteJr decided to see if Bethesda would accept bottle caps as payment for Fallout 4.  As he explains, Fallout 3 was his favorite game for a number of years, so he made the “rational choice” of saving up bottle caps. During the course of 7.5 years, he managed to collected 11.2 pounds of caps from beer bottles and various other drinks. He wasn't sure if this stunt would work, but hoped that it would become too popular for Bethesda's PR department to simply ignore.


Fast forward to this week and it looks like his gambit payed off. GatorMacheteJr posted an update on Imgur: Bethesda accepted his unique payment method and will be sending him a copy of Fallout 4 when the game releases in November. 


He [Matt Grandstaff] told me since I was the first person to do this, I would be receiving a copy of the game this November, and that he would be running my caps over to deposit them at the People's Bank of Point Lookout," GatorMacheteJr wrote.


Matt Grandstaff, Bethesda's global community lead, posted a photo of the package, commenting that his office now smalls of beer:


Now, before you start collecting bottle caps to send to Bethesda, remember that this was a one-time deal. Grandstaff stated on Twitter that GatorMacheteJr deserves the recognition because he was the first person to come up and execute this idea.


Source: Imgur