Nvidia GameStream Co-op

GameStream Co-op in action. Image Source: YouTube

Nvidia has announced that next month GeForce Experience will be updated with a number of significant improvements. Among them is the ability to stream your game to friend's PC as well as play cooperatively with them.


The new feature is titled GameStream Co-op and allows users to stream their games in three different ways. The first option allows your friends to watch you play in a low latency 1:1 stream. The second option allows them to take control of your game to, for example, help you beat a particularly hard boss. Finally, the third option allows them to play alongside you in titles that support co-op. 


According to Ars Technica, GameStream Co-op will initially only support streaming at 720p 60fps using h.264 encoding, and require an internet connection with a minimum recommended upload and download speed of 7Mbps. Additionally, the host PC will a require a GTX650 or higher graphics card in order to stream, and the feature is only compatible with Google's Chrome browser via a plug-in.


While GameStream Co-op is certainly the most interesting addition in the upcoming update, it isn't the only improvement to GeForce Experience. Nvidia is adding an in-game overlay mode, which allows players to easily and quickly access video capture, Twitch streaming, integrated YouTube upload capabilities, and the previously mentioned GameStream Co-op feature.


Nvidia has released a video to showcase the new features coming to GeForce Experience. You can view the video below.



Source: NvidiaArs Technica