New Game+

New Game+ allows player to start the game again while retaining their levels and equipment.

CD Projekt RED has released the final piece of DLC that the fans have eagerly been waiting for – New Game+, which allows players to start their adventure anew with levels and equipment retained from their previous playthrough. The DLC is free and out on all platforms – PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


When starting New Game+, it's best to remember that not everything transfers over. Players retain experience points, skills, weapons, armor, money, recipes, schematics, and crafted items. However, quest items, books, letters, consumables, monster trophies, and Gwent cards have to be collected again.  Additionally,  players who didn't reach level 30 during their first playthrough will be automatically bumped up to that mark when starting New Game+. Monsters will also be more dangerous and pack a bigger punch in this mode in order to maintain the gameplay balance of the game.


With the last free DLC piece out on all platforms, CD Projekt RED is free to focus all their efforts on the two big expansion for the Witcher 3. The first expansion titled Hearts of Stone is scheduled to arrive in October 2015, while the second one named Blood and Wine is planned for release in the first quarter of 2016.


Source: CD Projekt