Dying Light 5 million copies sold

Dying Light's sales have been a "tremendous success" for Techland. Photo Source: Techland

Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała reveals that as Dying Light sells over 5 million copies, Techland is already thinking about a sequel to the game.


Speaking to VideoGamer, Smektała confirmed that since its launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in January, Techland has managed to sell over 5 million copies of Dying Light. While Techland describes this milestone as a “tremendous success,” Smektała admits that the excellent sales of the game came as a bit of a surprise to the company.


To be honest, I think even we are a little surprised by the scope of our success," he explains. "We knew that we'd made a good game. If you are a gamer, even if you make games you are still a gamer, so we know the game is good when you feel that rush when you play."


So we knew that Dying Light is a good game, we know it's going to be successful, but that successful? We are in the 10 best-selling games in the US right now for the first half of the year, so tremendous success. More than 5 million copies sold."

 Currently, Techland is busy working on an expansion for the game titled The Following, which is said to provide over 10 hours of gameplay. However, Smektała has also revealed to VideoGamer that the company is already throwing around ideas for Dying Light 2, some of which may be too ambitious for current gen consoles to handle.


Of course, we're not talking about [Dying Light 2] just yet," Smektała explains, "but the reason for that is that it is too early. We have lots of very ambitious ideas so first we need to check if these ideas are even doable with the tech that the current consoles provide.”


We also need to check if our concepts are really as good as we think they are, so we need to prototype things,” he continues. “So there is nothing to talk about, and on the other hand there are lots of things going inside our studio where we test, prototype and experiment with stuff. But I think right now we have a very clear idea of what we can do with the IP and with the universe of Dying Light, so expect good things from us." 


With an expansion in the works and a promise of a sequel, it's clear that Dying Light fans have a lot to look forward to in the future. 


Source: VideoGamer.com