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Turn your work into a game, but don't tell your boss

itemz app is the epic task management app that helps small and medium teams organize their workflow. It’s a tool combining the sexiest productivity methods (Get Things Done and Kanban) with gamification.



The app with the most essential task and project management features and wonderfully bizarre trophies. 

We talked with Kasia Polus, the creator of itemz, about procrastination, productivity tools and… watching funny cat videos on the internet.


What’s the story of itemz?

We were looking for some task and project management app that would be intuitive, useful and not boring. We tested almost every app available on the market and we found many interesting tools, but none of them met all of our criteria. So we made another one, in spite of the prevailing opinion that making a new productivity app is just stupid.  

I can assure you - if it works, it’s not stupid.



What’s so special about it?

I wouldn’t say that itemz is special. I’d say it is awesome :) It’s the tool that finally closes the gap between being productive and having fun at work (or more specifically – between getting the job done and binging on funny cat videos). We made it by creating some epic trophies which you collect by doing your job - setting up the tasks and projects, completing your to-do’s and even changing the due date.


Merging gamification with productivity made the routine of getting through the daily “to do’s” bearable, because work started to seem like a necessity, not only to pay  the bills, but also because of the desire to compete. I should warn you – using this app is a bit addictive: it makes you want to do more and more tasks every day just to find out what trophy is next.


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Besides the trophies, how is it different from other productivity tools?

We’ve implemented some features that we wanted to see in other apps. It offers the possibility of displaying every task from every project simultaneously. No more clicking around  - you can easily see how many things you have to do today or this week. 


Itemz is all about ease, so we made sure  that you can add comments and files to tasks and you no longer need to use e-mail or skype to send your co-worker the 114 adjustments for the task.


One of our priorities was also making tasks easily “resurrectable”. How many times does it happen, that the task you completed comes back to you with some more ideas like “move that logo one pixel to the right corner”? In itemz you don’t need to set up a new task for such adjustments. You can just go to the archive and click the button with the zombie hand to resurrect the task with all comments and attached files.


Those are just a few of my favourite features. If you don’t want me to go through everything including repeatable tasks, tags and shortcuts (which are awesome by the way) you better ask another question ;)


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How do you see the future of itemz?

That’s a good question :) We’re currently in the closed beta and we’re testing, improving, hunting a few remaining bugs and adding even more epic features. You can sign up for testing any time on our website. We love what we’re doing and we love getting feedback from users, they’re a huge part of our journey to make a truly outstanding app. We might be a small family company, but  we do have really big dreams. 


We’re about to release itemz late summer, but we won’t stop improving it. We’re a bit crazy about making the best imaginable app to boost productivity and also makes users laugh. Our aim is to turn work into a game. And when it comes to games, we’re deadly serious :)


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Kasia Polus

Kasia Polus

Kasia Polus is the Founder and Designer of itemz app